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On a rare occasion my cat joins me as I climb in bed after a wearisome day.

He lays his furry body on my chest, with his face only inches from mine.

After a few seconds of silence, a low buzz begins to rise into the stillness of the room. 


As soon as I hear him begin to purr I try to fall asleep fast, fast enough so his purr can put me to sleep before he retires to the bottom left corner of the bed. But not too fast to were I am unable to take in as much I can of the dark room surround by a throaty hum from my sweet feline. 


Winona Ryder as Susanna Kaysen in Girl, Interrupted (1999)

istillfeel na We Heart It.

Vashti Bunyan

One of my favorites, the Peach faced lovebird! :D

Yajuro Takashima Snake Gourd. oil on canvas

Gourds tend to take a backseat to the pumpkin, but their beauty should not go unnoticed. 

Not even star-crossed, just unlucky | via Tumblr on We Heart It.