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A reminder to not be so harsh on yourself
1. You are good; you are not a terrible person. Just remember that. You feel bad about what you’ve done, what ever it was. And that’s ok, that’s more than ok, that shows how much you care, how sorry you are, how you are willing to make things better.
2. You are smart; we all make mistakes, we blurted out hurtful words or didn’t thought before we act. We make mistakes in school, at work, with our family, with our friends, with ourselves. That doesn’t make you stupid, or less worthy. You know what that makes you? It doesn’t matter, because a mistake doesn’t define you. In any way. And you have a brain, and you can learn, and you can start again, because yeah, you are smart and you can do that.
3. You are person;and it’s ok to consider every aspect of it. Your emotions, your thoughts, your fears, your strengths and weaknesses. Because you’re not just a brain, or just emotion, you are whole person. And it’s ok to doubt, and to trust.
4. It’s never too late to say i’m sorry;it always counts. Maybe that person won’t understand it at that moment, but you know you mean it, and that’s important, it’s good to let them, and yourself, hear that. 
5. Time is important;not only to heal, but to use it properly. Use it to learn from your mistakes, not to cry over them over and over again. Use it to feel good with yourself again, and to make other people happy. 
5. You don’t have to punish yourselfit’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to cry and feel angry. But don’t hate yourself, hate is already bad when is towards other person and it’s even worst when is towards yourself. As I said, mistakes doesn’t define you, and you can make it better.
Please. Don’t give up on yourself.
I’ve done some pretty horrible things too, to people who I really love. And I tend to blame them instead of recognizing my own mistakes. Just always remember that after a good cry we can think with clarity again, and you are not bad, you’re just gonna be better now.
xo, Jimena.

soo young and soooo cute


etsy find of the day 3 | 10.15.13
mixed media art - crochet lace stone by monicaj
i am pretty sure i’ve featured a crochet-covered stone here on etsyfindoftheday before, and i still don’t really get them … but they do look pretty :) i envision them in an earthy, bohemian living room or office space.

I’m so in love with max casella! You’re beautiful maxy

THIS WAS MY SHOW BACK THEN! I remember running home from school just to watch this everyday. I’ve watched the very first episode up to the last on TV. It was very surreal.
I’m not THAT old guys. I was born mid ’90s and still very much a teenager right now. It’s just…THIS SHOW IS CHILDHOOD.